We strive to be a leader and committed to providing quality service to our customers that will distinctly separate us from all others, while being an excellent competitor in operating efficiency. We offer a working environment where our employees can thrive in a team atmosphere and to pursue what is in the best interest of our customer while maintaining a high level of integrity.

Our goal is to take all the variables inherent from early project development to customer needs, site appearance, cost, coating performance requirements, safety and compliance, and apply them to the project while maintaining quality workmanship and on time performance.

Steel City Painting Services, Inc. is a specialized company built on skill and dedication serving its clients needs with experience in various aspects of the painting industry. If you are planning a painting project and are in the process of qualifying a painting contractor for your needs, we hope the following pages will provide you the additional information needed to select Steel City Painting Services, Inc. as your painting contractor.

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